• JEE Advanced

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    JEE-Advanced(IIT) is a program that prepares students for excelling in JEE Advanced, previously known as IIT-JEE, which secures admission to the renowned Indian Institutes of Technology(IITs). Over 1,50,000 aspirants will appear for the exam this year and only around 10,000 students will manage to secure admission to IITs. Although the syllabus is similar to that of CBSE, questions in the test are more difficult in comparison, and will require intense conceptual understanding of the subjects. The test checks the depth of understanding through the problem solving ability of students.

    The course structure is designed in a fashion that it not only helps the students crack various competitive exams, it also helps them perform well in board exams. In all its teaching environments, the concepts are first introduced to the students. It is backed by relevant real life examples to establish direct association or connect with the subject followed by relevant numerical and problems based on the topic. This pattern of teaching helps students understand the theory behind every numerical and this in turn nudges them towards research and application oriented thinking.

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